Ramp Door, side Door, Real Plywood, .030 Thick Metal, Radials, LED s and More

Superior Differences: American Made Axles , upgrades , Tube Walls , Roof and Main Frame , All LEDs Plywood Trim   etc...  Call for more info.

Start Date: 04/16/1999

Rank: Best Trailer Value in the Americas !

Level: Top Quality in all 3 Product Lines


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America's #1 Source for Cargo Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Enclosed Car Haulers, Show Car Trailers, Race Ready Trailers, Concession Trailers, Gooseneck Trailers, Vending Trailers, Barbecue Porch Trailers, Tiny House Trailers, Tiny camping trailers ... #SOUTH STAR TRAILERS IN SOUTH GEORGIA  IS Your custom manufacturer  229-233-0222   Drive a Mile and Save a Pile !

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***Limited Time Car Hauler Special 8.5 X 24 TA, 3500lb. Axles with Electric Brakes, 24" Polished ATP Stone Guard,  Vertical V-Nose  Polished ATP,  All Four  Polished ATP Corners, LED Tail lights,    4- 5K     D-Rings, Plywood Floor and Walls, and Much More !   Call Now ! 


Seventeen plus years ago, The Apocalypse of the Enclosed Cargo Trailers Business occurred, changing life on Earth, forever. The global True Trailer Value  infestation by South Star Trailers spread rapidly, overwhelming any attempts by the Substandard Trailer Manufacturers to Compete. The lessors began building Substandard Cheaper Trailers , and are trying to populate the earth with an undying hunger for CHEAP Disposable Trailers.

While mindless and concerned only with consumption, of your hard earned money these Creatures are clever and diligent in their pursuits to get your Credit Card  Deposit and take you out of the marketplace. Our mission is to save you from these kinda of people Claiming to be factory Direct , when they are not, and save you from saving  $200.00 on a trailer purchase, that is missing $400.00 in Parts and Quality.

South Star Trailers is America's Choice for True Trailer Value !    229-233-0222


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Let's Go Brandon !

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Welcome To South Georgia Cargo Trailer Sales ,  Fitzgerald,Ga. , Nashville,ga. , Douglas,Ga. ,  Tifton, GA. , Pearson,Ga.  Live Oak, Fl. Lake City, Fl. 

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Aluminum Trailers 21ft 6 Drings

Enclosed Car Haulers, Enclosed Trailers, Cargo Trailers, Concession Trailers, Barbecue Competition Trailers, Porch Trailers, Hybrid Trailers, Vending Trailers, Gooseneck Trailers, Race Car Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers and Custom Built Trailers. South Star Trailers is The Leading Manufacturer in True Trailer Value in The Americas !   If You Compare, You Will See, There is No Comparison ! 229-233-0222 Drive a Mile and Save a Pile at The Trailer Volume Giant Of The Americas and The USA  South Star Trailers .

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As you have been Very busy in your search for a New Trailer or Custom Trailer you have learned prices have drastically increased since Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrats Stole the Election and took office. TEAM BIDEN has caused Nothing but price increase after price increase and increased fuel prices on parts being delivered on top of All that since they have been in office. 

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Due to joe, & The Biden harris administration Materials Cost and High Fuel and Delivery Cost, it Changes day to Day

​​​​ Rhino is Our Extra Tuff HEAVY DUTY Line

We Strive To Bring You The Most Trailer Value At The Best Possible Price

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30499 24ta3 white STD, 6"extra, 60"TTT M@ $
30091 7x14ta CHARCOAL barn doors m@ $
30094 7x16ta CHARCOAL ramp m@ $
30380 7x16ta SILVER ramp,9"extra, 4 drings M@ $
30484 7x14ta RED BOP ramp, 9"extra, 4 drings,  blackout m@ $
30369 8.5x20ta white 6"extra  M@ $
30496 7x16ta BLACK ramp Appearance door in V M@ $
30387 7x16ta BLACK ramp 9"extra, 4 drings M@ $
30491 7x16ta BLACK ramp,9"extra, 4 drings m@ $
30114 7x14ta WHITE ramp,9"extra, 4 drings M@ $
30483 7x14ta RED ramp, 9"extra, 4 drings,  appearance pkg door in V, M@ $
30479 6x10sa SILVER ramp M@ $
30374 6x12ta black ramp,9"extra, 4 drings M@ $
30481 7x12sa BLACK ramp, 9"extra, 4 drings,  appearance pkg door in V, M@ $
30480 6x14sa BLACK ramp 9"extra, 4 drings M@ $
30024 7x14ta CHARCOAL barn doors m@ $
30109 7x14ta BLACK BOP ramp,9"extra, 4 drings blackout M@ $
30368 8.5x20ta WHITE 6"extra  m@ $
30688 6x12sa BLACK ramp  m@ $
30689 6x12sa CHARCOAL ramp  m@ $
30494 7x12sa RED Barn Doors M@ $
30488 7x12sa WHITE ramp, 9"extra, 4 drings,  appearance pkg door in V, M@ $

Due to Covid-19 Increases & TEAM Biden